Kindergartener checking out the firefighters equipment at West Buncombe Fire Station.

Kindergartners at West Buncombe Elementary are fired up for learning, especially anything involving safety. 

Students took a tour of the West Buncombe Fire Department to learn about the profession, and tips to stay safe in an emergency. October is National Fire Safety month, and the crew at the fire station made sure students received a fun and informative presentation. 

“We emphasize with the students, especially this age group about life saving skills and fire safety,” said West Buncombe Fire Captain Jesse Robinson. “Some of the things they learned at the station are 9-1-1, knowing their address, having a safe meeting place at home, and knowing what to do if they were ever in a situation.”

Captain Robinson said that the students are at a very critical age where they may one day save a life with what they learned at the station. 

“Kids absorb information that they will carry with them for years to come,” he said. “They are at a point where they could actually pick up a phone, and dial 9-1-1. That decision ultimately has a big impact not only for themselves, but their household as well.”

Kindergarten teacher Bridget King said her students couldn’t stop talking about the field trip. A few highlights for the kids were squirting the fire hose, seeing a firefighter climb the ladder on the truck, and the smokehouse where they learned to stay low and crawl out in the event of a fire. 

“It was great for the students to learn about these skills and see that firefighters are here to help us,” Ms King explained. “Who knows, one day some students may grow up to become a firefighter.”

Student trying on a brand new fire jacket.

A group of students and firefighters in front of one of the trucks.

Students listening to a firefighter as the sit in front of a truck.