teachers and students looking at history items

Today, our school building turned 40 years old!  Students learned about our school through a hands-on, walk-through museum of history items.  The morning began with an oral account of the history leading to the construction of the current school building, which began in 1973 and concluded when staff and students moved into the building on March 7, 1983.  During the museum, students could read the original newspaper articles about breaking ground and the first day of school in this building.  They saw the shovel Mr. Brown used on ground-breaking day and the original drawings and blueprints from construction.  Original invitations and programs from the school Dedication Service on October 23, 1983 were on display.  Students could flip through several scrapbooks and yearbooks.  They might have found a few familiar faces of students from that time who are now staff members!  Students also compared then and now with observing changes to the building and comparing the prices of school lunches and milks.  What a great day here at West Buncombe!  #BestBuncombe