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Academic Language Targets and objectives for all units provide lessons and instruction that include global competencies and provide challenging learning opportunities to help accelerate our students' social and academic English and provide meaningful access to grade level content. 

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Language Arts

The first 9 weeks of ESL is focused on The Language of Science

K: School & Safety Practices
1st: Seasons
2nd: Farms
3rd: Water
4th: Earth 
Newcomers: Me & My Family and My House

ELA Standards to be included in this unit:

K: Story Elements, Concepts about Print, Same & Different, & Phonemic Awareness

Elements of Story, Sequence of Story, Word families, Phonemic Awareness, & Phonics

3rd-4th: Comprehension Strategies, , Explicit & Inferential Information, Fact or Opinion, Main Idea/Detail, Points of View, Text Structure & Organization, Conventions & Mechanics, Editing & Revising, Affixes & Root Words, Fluency Strategies, & Phonemes/Phonology.