4th Grade

PE.4.MS.1 Apply competent motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
PE.4.MS.1.1 Execute combinations of more complex locomotor skills and manipulative skills in various physical activity settings.
PE.4.MS.1.2 Create movement skill sequences commonly associated with various sports and activities.
PE.4.MS.1.3 Implement changes in speed during straight, curved, and zigzag pathways to open and close space using locomotor and manipulative skills. 
PE.4.MC.2 Understand concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics that apply to the learning and performance of movement.
PE.4.MC.2.1 Apply basic concepts of movement to improve individual performance.
PE.4.MC.2.2 Apply elements of form or motor development principles to help others improve their performance.
PE.4.MC.2.3 Evaluate skills in a game situation using a rubric based on critical concepts. PE.4.MC.2.4 Classify examples of health-related fitness into the five components. 
PE.4.HF.3 Understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
PE.4.HF.3.1 Understand why and how to complete a valid and reliable health-enhancing pre- and post-fitness assessment, including monitoring of the heart.
PE.4.HF.3.2 Evaluate oneself in terms of the five recommended behaviors for obesity prevention. PE.4.HF.3.3 Use physiological indicators to adjust physical activity.
PE.4.PR.4 Use behavioral strategies that are responsible and enhance respect of self and others and value activity.
 PE.4.PR.4.1 Use self-control through structure, expectations, and engagement to demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for self and others.
PE.4.PR.4.2 Use cooperation and communication skills to achieve common goals.
PE.4.PR.4.3 Understand the importance of culture and ethnicity in developing self-awareness and working productively with others.