Helpful Tips for Virtual Days

Virtual Hours 7:00-11:00 Apps to Use on devices

I will be using the seesaw app to post math assignments and announcements       

-Seesaw (click on students’ name inside the app) -Check daily for new information                   

-Imagine Learning Literacy (use login card)                    

-Imagine Learning Math (use login card or can access through the IAM app)                      

-Zearn and Prodigy (use login cards for each)

 -Epic (click on students’ name)

-IAM (login using 10 digit student number, password is wbes1234)

-Brainpop jr-username:hominyvalley, password: brainpop

Websites to Visit   

   username:Learning20, password: Clifford

United Streaming Educational Videos

Go to the IAM app icon on the device, login using student’s number, password is wbes1234, click on the DiscoveryEducation Icon, choose videos from a variety of non-fiction topics.