Virtual Days

 I hope this finds you and your family well.  I know you have a lot of questions as far as classroom assignments go. Most of you know I have 3 kids of my own and I too, am asking the same type of questions.  You can email me anytime at  I am getting all of your assignments and messages to our Seesaw classroom account. If your not familiar with Seesaw, just ask your child about it. There, you can take pictures of your child’s work and send it to me. I can then look at it and respond back. Also, your child can read books on Epic and their classroom leveled text book. I look forward to helping your child reach his or her potential as we work our way around this temporary obstacle. Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Talk soon, Mr. Martin

An average day of Virtual Learning:
8:30 Zoom

* 15 Minutes of Imagine Learning
* 15 Minutes of Imagine Math
* Seesaw Activities
* Zearn