ABC's of Kindergarten

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A is for Attendance, Absences, Arrival and Allergies.

Attendance- It is VERY important your child attends school every day.  Your child’s progress both socially and academically is influenced by daily participation.  Regular attendance without tardiness is crucial. 

Absences- If your child is sick (throwing up, fever, etc…) please do not give them meds and send them to school because it just spreads germs and more kids get sick.  Just send a note to school the next day to let us know why they were absent.  Your child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  Please be aware that five tardy/early dismissals equal 1 unexcused absence and if your child misses more than 14 days of school, they will be required to go to attendance summer school.

Arrival- It is important that Kindergarteners arrive on time every day.  Car rider drop off begins at 7:15 and students are asked to report to the theater until they are dismissed to their rooms at 7:30.  We ask for all children to arrive no later than 7:40 to ensure they have enough time to unpack their belongings, eat breakfast and start their morning work.  Your child will be considered tardy after 7:50am.  If your child arrives after 7:50, you must walk your child into school and sign them in at the office to get a tardy slip.  Our instructional day begins promptly at 7:50 after school wide announcements.  

Allergies- If your child has any allergies, please let us know TODAY.

B is for Buses, Birthdays, and Breakfast

Buses-   First load buses leave at 2:20pm and second load buses leave at approximately 2:45pm.

Birthdays- Birthdays are very special to children!  If you would like to send a special snack to honor your child’s birthday, please let us know. 

Breakfast- Breakfast is free for all students.  If your child would like to eat breakfast, please be sure your child arrives at school by 7:30 so they will have time to eat before the tardy bell.  

C is for Clothing and Car Riders

Clothing- Please send in an extra set of clothes in a large zip lock bag labeled with your child’s name.  Please include a shirt, pants or shorts, underwear and socks.  As the seasons change, we will send a note home asking to send in a new change of clothes.  Our room is cool, so please send in a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt to leave in their cubby.  During the winter we will go outside on most days, so please be sure your child has a warm jacket. 

Car Riders- NO CARS WILL ENTER THROUGH THE DRIVEWAY IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING. This is for buses only.  Car riders will be dismissed in the back of the school at 2:25pm ONLY to parents in the car rider line and only to cars with a name strip in their window. Today you will receive a name strip with your child’s name on itPlease leave this displayed in your window until your child is in the car.  If your child is going home a different way than normal, please send a NOTE in their folder that morning; no phone calls to make changes due to safety issues.  DO NOT COME IN TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.


Morning Car Riders - If your child is a car rider in the mornings, you must also drop them off in the back of the building. There will be staff members opening car doors for students and helping them get to the classroom, so when you feel comfortable you can just drop them off.  Traffic is a nightmare at the beginning of school, so you may want to leave home 10 to 15 minutes early.

D is for Discipline and Dismissal

Discipline- A daily discipline report will be sent home in your child’s folder nightly to keep you aware of your child’s behavior.  Please sign their daily report and return it to school daily in the Discipline Folder.  Smiley face or sticker = good day and frown face = not so good day. We are very structured, very consistent, and very loving.  We focus on lots of praise & remind the children of the rules often.  Please refer to Our Classroom Rules sheet for explanation of how our discipline works. 

Dismissal- We dismiss at 2:20pm each day.  PLEASE be sure we know how your child is going home each day.  If your child is a car rider it is important he/she is picked up on time every day.  Throughout the year we will have scheduled early dismissals.  On these days we will dismiss at 12:20pm.  We may also dismiss early if bad weather sneaks up on us.  Please make sure we have an updated Early Dismissal form and if anything changes throughout the year, please let us know.  This is the info we will go by if we dismiss early because we will not have time to make phone calls and you will not be able to get through on the phone lines.

E is for E-mail

E-mail- My e-mail address is [email protected].  Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.

F is for Folder and Friday Folder

Folder- Your child will bring home their Homework Folder nightly.  One pocket of the folder will be items to take home and the other pocket will be for items to be returned to school. PLEASE be sure you check their folder nightly.  Please put all notes in the homework folder.  We do not check book bags for notes or money.  

Friday Folder- Students will bring home a Friday Folder with their completed work for the week.  Please remove items, make a big deal and display their wonderful work, and return the folder on Monday.

G is for a Great Year

Great Year- We are excited about having a great year and watching your child grow as a learner in Kindergarten! 

H is for Homework

Homework- Homework will be in your child’s Homework Folder Monday-Thursday. Please work with your child for 15-20 minutes nightly.  Each child’s homework will be individualized to meet your child’s needs so please keep their homework in the folder because Mrs. Dover reviews homework with them as often as possible.   Please sign the homework log and return the next day in their folder.  

I is for independence

Independence- Independence is a goal for students because it builds self-esteem and confidence.  Kindergartners are capable of doing many things on their own and it is important for them to do as much as they can for themselves.  Please practice zipping and tying skills at home.  Also, when your child feels comfortable and you feel comfortable, let them walk into school by themselves.  This will help them feel confident and independent.  Also, let them unpack their backpack in the mornings.  This helps them learn our routine.

J is for JOY

Joy- Kindergartners bring us great joy!  Thank you for sharing your precious little one with us.

K is for Kindness

Kindness- We expect all students to be kind to one another.

L is for Labels, Library and Lunch

Labels- Please label all personal items such as their backpack, lunch box, jacket, etc., with your child’s name.

Library- We have library on THURSDAY each week.  .   Your child will check out a book and return it the following week.  If your child’s library book is lost, you will be asked to pay for it.  Please help your child be responsible and keep up with their book.

Lunch- We eat lunch daily at 11:58 and the cost is $2.35. We strongly encourage you to pre-pay for your child’s lunch.  This can be done online or by sending in cash or check. If your child just wants to purchase milk the price is 0.85 cents.   PLEASE be sure all money is placed in a label envelope with your child’s name and the amount and what it is used for.  You are welcome to eat lunch with your child.  Please fill out the free and reduced lunch form to see if your child qualifies. If a sibling qualified last year, you must complete a new form this year.

M is for Money and Music

Money- Put any money (lunch, field trips, etc.) in a labeled envelope with your child’s name and specify what the money is for.

Music- We have music on WEDNESDAY every week with Mrs. Dauphinais. 


N is for Newsletter

Newsletter- We will send a newsletter on Friday to keep you up to date on weekly activities and upcoming events. 

O is for Office

Office- If you visit our school, please stop by the office and pick up a visitor’s pass.   

P is for P.E., PTA and Parent/Teacher Conferences


P.E. - We have P.E. on MONDAY with Mrs. Swain each weekly.  Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes and comfortable clothes!

PTA- Our PTA is AMAZING at West Buncombe.  They organize many fundraisers and are very supportive of the staff and students at WBES.  See the office for more information about PTA.

Parent/Teacher Conferences- We schedule Parent Teacher conferences two times a year or more if needed.  If you would like a conference at any time, please send me an e-mail or a note and we can schedule one.

Q is for Questions

Questions- If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time at 232-4282 or e-mail me. 

R is for Recess and Rest Time

Recess- We have recess daily.  PLEASE be sure your child dresses appropriately for play. 

S is for  Soaring Eagle, and Socials

Soaring Eagle - This special award goes to students who show West Buncombe’s three R’s: Respectful, Responsible and Resourceful. 

Socials – We will have 3 socials this year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

T is for Treasure Box 

Treasure Box- When students earn 5 smileys/stickers, they can go to the treasure box and pick out a prize.  We always are in need of treasure box items.


U is for Unique

Unique- Each child in our room is unique.  We cannot wait to meet all of our special Kindergartners.


V is for Volunteers

Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer, please see the office for more information.

W is for Weather and Website

Weather- Please check the weather on WLOS for school closings and 2 hour delays on snowy mornings.

Website- Our weekly schedule is posted on our classroom website.  We will attend Computer, Music, Library, Art, & PE. 

X is for exciting

exciting- We are in store for an exciting year!  We cannot wait to see how each and every one of our Kindergarteners grow.

Y is for YOU

You- Please remember that YOU are your child’s first teacher.  No one can influence their life like you can! 

Z is for ZZZ

ZZZ- Your child should get plenty of rest every night.  Kindergarten students require 10-12 hours of sleep a night.  Sleep is important so students stay alert throughout the day while their minds are learning many new things!  Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give to your child. Don’t forget to read a book before bedtime!