Class Handbook


I am excited to be your teacher this year.  This handbook is designed to be a quick reference for our classroom.  Please refer to the School Handbook for school wide rules and procedures.

Parent Conferences

I will schedule 2 parent conferences a year unless more are needed.  If you have any questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact me to schedule a time to meet.



Parents are encouraged to be involved in our class.  There are many ways in which you can help.  Not all volunteering includes being present in the classroom.  I understand many parents must work.  Some different areas in which working parents may be able to contribute are sending items in, cutting things out for our class to use, organizing socials, etc… Whatever your talent is we can make use of it.  I will keep you informed on special events that require volunteers.



A homework folder will be sent home everyday Monday through Thursday.  Students are expected to complete all homework in folder each day.  The homework folder is also a way of communication between home and school; notes, lunch money, permission slips etc… need to be placed in homework folder.  I will send things home for parents to read/sign in the homework and Friday folder.  Students need to return folder with homework inside each morning. 

No homework on Fridays!!!!


Every Friday your child will bring home a “Friday Folder”.  This folder will include work from the week, your child’s conduct report, and a newsletter.  Parents need to initial and return folder with child each Monday.


Absentee Work


Students are encouraged to be at school everyday.  If your child does miss a day due to sickness etc…  They will receive a “We Missed You” folder.  This folder will contain missed work your child needs to complete.  He/She has 2 days to make up the work for each day they were absent.  I need a written explanation or Dr. note to excuse an absence.    

Transportation Changes


At the beginning of the year you will receive and fill out a transportation sheet.  If your child needs an alternate method of transportation on a certain day you will need to send a note with him/her on that day.  Please place note in homework folder to help ensure it does not get lost on the way to school.  If this is a permanent change a NEW transportation sheet will need to be filled out.

Class/School Rules


1.     BE RESPECTFUL – Treat others in the same manner you want to be treated.

2.   BE RESPONSIBLE – Come to school prepared and ready to learn. You are accountable for the way you behave and react to situations.

3.   BE RESOURCEFUL – Clever and creative ways to overcome difficulties!


 I feel that communication is “key” to ensure the success of each child.  As a mother myself I want to know how my child behaves.  You will receive a discipline report each week.  The report will be placed in the Friday Folder and needs to be signed and returned weekly.  Your child will (more than likely) get an occasionally mark.  Please remember he/she is a child and we want him/her to act like one.  Therefore, do not be alarmed if they do not have a “perfect record”.  This is just a way to help monitor behavior and keep students accountable for their actions. 
   Everyone tries to define this thing called Character. It's not hard. Character is doing what's right when nobody's looking.”

 Thanks for being a partner in your child’s education! 



When the class works together they earn points.  If they are able to earn 15 points by the end of the month they get to choose a reward.  Rewards may include homework passes, extra recess, free time, etc..


Contact Information


*Please feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns, and/or questions.  I think communication is extremely important!   I can be reached by email at  [email protected]  or by phone at 232-4282.  You can always place a note in you child's folder.  Of course parents are welcome to visit me here at school.  I am here until 3:30 each school day or we can schedule a time convenient for you.