Back to School Reminders


Mrs. Hensley’s “Need to Know” List for the

1st Day of School


Children arriving before 7:30 am must report to the theater.  (The earliest that students can arrive at school is 7:15 am due to adequate supervision.)  Do not drop off students in the parking lot!  Your child will be considered tardy after 7:50 am.  All students that are tardy must be walked in by an adult to get a tardy slip in the office using the Lobby Guard computer system before coming to class.  

At 7:50 Tardy Bell rings! 
(5 tardies = 1 absence)  Traffic is very congested; especially the first couple days of school.  Allow extra time for travel these first few days.  We encourage students to ride the bus if at all possible.



Buses are scheduled to leave at 2:35 and car riders are dismissed at 2:35.  Car riders will then go to the gym and wait for their name to be called.  Car riders are to be picked up with their name written on the sentence strip displayed in the car windshield.


$ Money $

We are asking for $7.00 to purchase a class t-shirt for each student.    



We will eat a snack mid-morning every day. Each child is to bring his/her own snack from home.  They may also have bottled water at their desk.  Breakfast is offered each day for free.  If your child is going to eat breakfast at school they need to get here no later than 7:40 am.  Lunch price is $2.45 this year. You can prepay online or send money to school in the homework folder. (Please specify what money is for anytime money is sent to school.)  A new free and reduced form must be filled out for the 2018-2019 school year.  You must send in lunch money until the paperwork is processed to see if you qualify.   



You can pick up an extra copy in the school office. 



We are always in need of the following items.  If you catch them on sale and are able to donate them to our class we would greatly appreciate it.

*Colored Copy Paper  *Card Stock *Pencil-Top Erasers  *Stickers  *Extra Snacks (just in case someone forgets to bring theirs)  *Plastic Spoons, *Card Games or Board Games for Inside Recess (new or used), *Disinfectant Wipes *Hand Sanitizer * M&Ms