Receptive and Expressive Language

Receptive language refers to a child's ability to understand spoken language. Expressive language refers to the ways in which a child is able to use language. These skills often look like difficulty with grammar, difficulty understanding text/answering questions, development of vocabulary skills, development of recall skills, and their ability to follow directions. If your child is struggling with a either of these skills or a combination of them. Then this is the spot to locate activities to help them continue to develop their skills at home! 

Use these resources below for fun online stories read out loud. After choosing a story to listen to, have your child answer who, what, where, when and why questions about the text. For deeper understanding ask them questions about what the problem in the story was, how did the characters solve it, and encourage them to identify characters emotions throughout the story. Can your child make an personal connections to something that happened in the story. These questions will help him/her to be able to think critically and develop a deeper understanding of text. 

If your child has a hard time answering questions or recalling information try pausing the story several times while listening and ask him/her questions about this you just heard. This will help develop their recall skills without having to remember a specific detail from the text throughout the whole story. Then build up the amount of time you listen without pausing and see how they do. 

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