Augmentative/Assistive Communication

Augmentative/Assistive Communication includes all the ways in which a child shares their ideas and feelings without talking or producing speech. Some children with severe speech/language difficulties have a hard time producing speech and require alternative ways to communicate with others. These methods include both high tech and low tech options. This page will focus on low tech options that are easy to use at home to facilitate more communication with your child. Some of examples of low tech AAC includes core vocabulary boards, picture symbol systems, and content specific picture boards to expand the ways in which a child is able to participate within a given activity. If your child struggles to communicate with others through spoken language, or is minimally verbal, then you're in the right place! 

Here is an example of a basic core vocabulary board:

Core board about cooking:

Core board about bedtime/bath routines:

Core board for Language Arts:

Core board for math: