Second Grade: March 23-31




Second Grade Scientists! 
      I miss you bunches.

I'm so disappointed that I didn't have a chance to send some mealworms home with you.  When I figure out how, I'll post some video of our mealworms.  They were all collected from your classroom containers and put back into the main bin.  I brought them home to take care of them. They did not appreciate the bumpy ride down my driveway, and also don't really like being around my cat Skippy Jon Jones. Right now, they're asleep in my living room,  tucked up in their oatmeal, nibbling on potato slices, crawling much more slowly, or are wiggling around in their pupas.  Some have already turned into the Darkling Beetles.  When it first emerges from the pupa it is very light brown, then it soon turns quite black.

I found a great activity for you to explore about INSECTS.  As you do activities of your choice in this unit, can you please save them as PDF's, and then email them to me?  (Remember in the subject line of your email to put your first and last name, grade, and classroom teacher.)

Please go into the website by clicking here:

BrainPop Jr.

In the top right corner of the page click on LOG IN.
In the Pop up window, by USERNAME type wbescience
make sure, when you enter the user name, that the w is LOWER case
and the password is 175ehr

Click on the box that says SCIENCE.
Click on the box that says ANIMALS.
Click on the box that says INSECTS.

Watch the video and do some of the related activities that you find here.  Sometimes not all of the activity links work, but that's okay.  Just explore and learn, learn, learn.  I had a blast in here learning about insects and testing my brain with the quizzes.

Please share through my email at least one piece of work that you save that you'd like me to see, which could include a video clip (if you make a little play or take a video outside of an interesting insect you find).

Enjoy this resource about insects!

I will email you a reply back when I receive your work.  Thank you for working so hard.  Kiss your brain.
In the subject line please tell me your
name, grade and teacher. 
Like this: 
 Mack Smith, 2, Frizzle