Second Grade: April 1-14

ladybug picture    Insects

Watch the video below about Insects.

First Film on Insects


Go outside for a bug hunt. 
Take your iPad and
photograph bugs and insects
that you find in their natural habitat.

When you get inside,
choose one picture and write something
about your bug/insect adventure
that you had while finding that bug! 
You can use pencil and paper,
or you can type your response into your iPad.

Please send me one of your pictures
and a copy of your written work
In the subject line please tell me your
name, grade and teacher. 
Like this: 
 Mack Smith, 2, Frizzle

After you go outside, 
try out a game 
that you can find in these links.

Learning Zone: Insects

Butterfly Life Cycle Game
Underneath the Butterfly game,
you can click on BIRD and FROG to play with those animals.