May 6 - 12: LESSON FOR K-4


This week, again, ALL GRADES are assigned the same activity!
This is a required assignment.
f you have a brother or sister, you can do this project TOGETHER. 
It is also fine if parents (or grandparents) or older siblings join in!

Watch BOTH of these videos about sound and hearing, please.
Click on the picture links.

What is Sound image What is Sound? SciShow Kids

What is Sound imageWhat is Sound?

NeuroTransmissions by Alie Astrocyte

Second... Click on the link below to open up the experiment activity.

Hint: When you click on the link, a dialogue box will open. Click SAVE and the document will download for you to open it.
Sound Experiment
When you are working, please record your thinking and answers to the experiment questions. You can choose to do this by writing, typing, dictating, or making a video of yourself explaining your thoughts.
If you have SeeSaw you can submit your work by hitting the globe to share it to your teacher, and then I'll get to see it too.
If you are in third or fourth grade, please submit your work to my email, as usual.