Grade 3

Xylophones & Percussion Ensemble!

We are currently working on independent xylophone technique and reading standard, melodic notation as a percussion ensemble!

Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? Here's what it really means: Basically, we are learning how to learn a piece of music, and then how to practice to achieve a goal! It's good, hard work, and requires patience and diligence, but students are seeing the fruits of their labor already, and it's so much fun!

- During class, each student chooses their own xylophone (or other pitched mallet instrument: metallophone, glockenspiel, etc.) to work with
- We practice playing the major scale as a warm up from low to high (learning which direction is which), and reading the corresponding notation for the C major scale.
- Then the class is given a piece of music to learn!
- We go through the piece step by step, learning how to learn a piece of music!
- One measure at a time, we figure out the rhythm, and students practice on their own
- then note names, and individual practice
- then we play together, and stop to ask questions/solve problems/work together
- then we try it again!

And the improvement we have seen within the first few classes is phenomenal!

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!