Grade 2

Я люблю русский!

We love learning Russian!

Why Russian???
We are so lucky to be a hugely multicultural school community, with students from all over the world! In particular, we have many students from Slavic countries including Russian, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. In their honor, we are learning about their heritage, culture, music, and language! Our Russian-speaking students are incredible, and love to share their language with their classes! 

We are also learning empathy - especially with the different alphabet, our English-speaking students get a taste of what it's like for our students from other countries to not understand the language and have to learn a whole new alphabet! It's been a great experience for all!

Each week we learn new vocabulary and a song that complements what we have learned! Ask your child what they have learned so far!

Music is about so much more than hearing!

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!