Grade 1

J'aime le français!

We are learning some French! 

Why French?
In Kindergarten we do a Spanish unit in honor of our neighbors to the south in Mexico and all our Spanish-speaking students and families, so in First Grade we venture north into Canada and the French-Speaking province of my family, Québec! My husband and I are both French-Canadian, and love to travel to Canada during the summers. We love learning French to make new friends when we travel!

Each week we learn new vocabulary, and a new song that complements what we have learned! Some are French folk songs and games, and some are originals to practice certain skills composed by me. We are also listening to great music by French composers including Debussy and Liszt, as well as Quebecois music from the band "Le Vent du Nord."

Ask your child what they've learned! You'll be surprised with how much they can already do!

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!