Dauphinais, Maegan (Music)

Maegan Dauphinais
M U S I C   E D U C A T I O N 


(My husband and I at Green Gables, PEI, Canada!)

Welcome to music!
My name is Maegan Dauphinais (Daw-fin-ay)
and I am proud to be the Music Education teacher here at WBES!

My husband, Nick, and I grew up in New Hampshire. We made the move to beautiful North Carolina so he could pursue his career as a professional Bluegrass musician, and so we could be in the beautiful Bl
ue Ridge Mountains! It feels a lot like home - afterall, New Hampshire is just at the other end of the Appalachians! That said, when Nick and I aren't making music, we can be found in the woods most weekends, backpacking with our dog, Baelfire.

I received my Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education at the University of New Hampshire, and completed a year of graduate school studying orchestral conducting and music education. My passion is playing instruments, so you will hear a lot from your kids about the instruments we are learning to play!

We came to North Carolina for its rich musical tradition, and it is my ultimate goal that every child here at Best Buncombe de
velops the basic skills necessary to participate in that tradition. Using primarily the Orff and Kodaly pedagogies we learn to read music starting in Kindergarten, sing, play pitched and unpitched percussion, learn chords to accompany songs on ukuleles, and develop basic playing technique on violins as well as a variety of other instruments. As you can see, we work hard in music class, the harder we work the more fun we have!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's music education, please feel free to contact me here at school!

Looking forward to another great year!

Bael and I at Black Balsam Knob