Popcorn Words

These sight words are often called "popcorn" words because they pop up all the time in Kindergarten books. The children need to know all 50 words by the end of the year. As the children learn one list we will move them to the next list. We will also learn the color words and number words zero through ten.
 I          am     can      the  like  to
 a  it  is  in  see here 
 we  me  come you   said  and
 my  look  up  at  on  go
 she  he  of  little  with  have
 are  was  for  do  his  her
 his  with  have  are  was  yes
 run  big  where  day  out  down
 from  did   again  baby  that
  as                   be                by                    this              had           but
  or                   an                all                    him              no            which
 which              were           would               their           been         when