Reading At Home

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      Reading at home with your child is important to your child’s reading success.  YOU are your child’s most important role model!  Reading will be a part of each day in our classroom in many ways, but taking the time to read to and with your child is truly valuable.  Each night, Monday through Thursday, you will be asked to read a selection with your child and sign a simple reading log that will be kept inside your child’s folder.  Remember, when reading with your child to model for him or her ways to figure out an unknown word.  Please try to help your child sound out the word, use pictures for hints, or give other clues rather than letting your child read without really listening.  If your child brings home a book where they do not need help with the words be sure to ask them about the characters in the story, the problem in the story, or their favorite part.  These types of questions should be asked every time you read with your child.  Remember, in the long run, this time spent with your child will be invaluable and beneficial to everyone!
Remember, the most important thing about reading is comprehension!  It's always important that your child understands what he/she is reading!
Here are a couple of strategies we use to make sure we are comprehending what we read.
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