Ideas for Summer Activities


Dear Parents,


        Mrs. Rogers and I have truly enjoyed having your child in our classroom this year!  It has been a wonderful and exciting year.  The students have grown physically, socially, and academically!  Summer is here and along with it comes outdoor activities, travel, and sweltering heat!  On this page you will find activities to help entertain your child, get a break from the heat, and provide a valuable learning experience for your child.  These activities are meant to be fun and easy to fit into your busy schedule!


  • Let your child get his/her own library card and join the local library's summer reading program.


  • Encourage your child to write a letter or a postcard to a friend or relative.What a thrill to get mail!


  • Let your child prepare dessert for dinner one night.Jell-0 and pudding have simple directions to follow.


  • Write a letter to a family member or friend to tell them about your summer! You could even write a letter to your first grade teacher :)!


  • Play school and let your child be the teacher!


  • Please continue to practice reading and writing the Word Wall Words.


      Keep a summer journal where your child can write about what they do!  You  

         could also keep a journal with your child where you write back and forth to

         each other!


  • Consistently work with your child on the following math skills:counting coins, telling time to the nearest half hour, work on elapsed time (if when started swimming at3:30 and stopped at 4:30, how long did we swim?) counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, 100’s, addition and subtraction facts, finding ways to make ten (9+1, 3+7, etc.)


  • Most importantly, READ, READ, READ with your child!!!!Studies have shown that students can regress 4 months if they do not read during the summer!It’s been proven that just reading 12 books over the summer can maintain your child’s reading level!So, read to your child, listen to your child read, and let your child see you reading!Remember, you are your child's most influential role model.If your child believes you value reading, your child will come to value reading!



Make sure you spend some quality time with your child this summer.  Before you know it he/she will be graduating!  Time really does fly by!  Thank you for all your support this year!  We hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful summer!  Be sure to drop by and see us next year!




Mrs. Campbell & Mrs. Rogers

When families travel, it's important to keep the kids HAPPY!  If the kids are happy, life is easier on Mom and Dad!  Here are a few activities to try for fun.


  • Collect postcards from your vacation.Let your child use those to make a book and write about his/her big trip!


  • Have a Mystery Outing!Plan a weekend outing, but keep the destination a secret.Give clues and see if your child can figure out where you're headed.


  • Try to find every letter of the alphabet on road signs in order.


  • See if you can find all fifty states' license plates.Keep a running list that you can add to from time to time.


  • Encourage your child to keep a travel log on the trip.He/she can write and draw about something he/she has seen each day.


  • Pack a BUSY BOX.Here are a few ideas for things to have in your box:

magnetic board games, UNO cards, sticker books, coloring books, puzzle books, clipboards to hold loose paper, crayons, colored pencils, Old Maid and Go Fish cards.  The Dollar Store is a great place to pick up inexpensive items.





 J    ABC Scavenger Hunt:  Send your child and his/her siblings through the house looking for things that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  He/she will need a list of the letters for crossing out each letter as he/she discovers them.

  • Treasure Hunt:Write a set of clues in words and pictures.Each clue directs the treasure seeker to the place where he/she will discover the next clue/The last clue leads to the treasure!
  • Play school and let your child be the teacher!
  • Never underestimate the fun you and your child can have with a fort made out of a cardboard box or a sheet!
  • Make dots on a piece of paper.Invite your child to connect them making shapes, an abstract design, or a pattern.
  • Have your child make up an "Inside Olympics".The events can be things like the hop event, tiny-step challenge, big-step challenge, running in place, jumping jacks, and sit-ups.
  • Choose a song that your child knows and hum the first line.If your child recognizes the song, he/she sings the next line.
  • Have your child gather various sizes of empty containers.Let them predict how many cups of water will fill each.The fill the containers to see how close you are.
  • Have your child set the table for dinner.He/she can decorate pieces of paper for place mats and make a decoration for a centerpiece.
  • Place five to ten objects on a table and let your child study the objects and then hide their eyes.Remove an object and rearrange the other objects.Your child tries to figure out what is missing.
  • A great place to find coloring books, crayons, sand buckets, jump ropes, and just about anything else is The Dollar Store.It's full of stuff that can help you and your child spend some quality time together!