Learning Corner

Children holding hands around the world 

ABC Bootcamp: 26 Letters in 26 Days!!  Begins September 1. Literacy: Kindergarten students should recognize and write all 26 Uppercase and 26 lowercase letters. Students should be able to produce the beginning sounds of the 26 letters and vowels.

Kindergarten students should recognize  all Kindergarten sight words. These are words that students will see in beginning readers. We will also continue to work on additional words.

Kindergarten students should be able to produce rhyming words. (cat,hat) (dog, frog)

Kindergarten students will read books with text that contains sight words and familiar words.

Kindergarten students will begin drawing and labeling their writing with beginning sounds. By the end of Kindergarten, students will write 3-5 sentences on one topic and read their own writing.

Math: Count, recognize and write numbers 0-20. Add and subtract fluently within 5.
Decompose numbers 10-20. Indicating how many Tens and Ones.
Count to 100 by Tens and Ones.  Write numbers 0-100.
Recognize 2D and 3D Shapes and identify them. Know how many sides and corners in each shape.
Kindergarten students will produce simple repeating patters. AB, AAB, ABB, ABC

Kindergarten students will measure using nonstandard units, such as cubes and blocks.

Kindergarten students will read and make their own graphs. Kindergarten students should classify objects into categories.    

In Science, we work on weather and the change in seasons. We will learn how the change in seasons affect our clothing and homes. Kindergarten students will also learn about different landforms and continents. We will also learn how objects move and if objects move from force or motion.