Kindergarten Sight Words

These words are often called High Frequency  words because they pop up in Kindergarten books. The children need to know all of these words by the end of the year. There are 10 sight words lists in all. As the children learn one list we will move them to the next list. Please continue to review all words each night. It is helpful to write these words on index cards to review.

I                       see                       has
am                  and                       his

can                  you                      one
the                  of                          got 
it                     are                        for
to                    have                     went
a                     on                         yes
in                     here                     run
like                  go                        big
is                     not                       where
we                  with                       day
at                    do                        out
my                  said                      down
come              was                      from
up                   little                      her
me                  look
she                 they
he                   will 
Please continue to review all words on a regular basis. These High Frequency Words appear in all of the beginning Kindergarten reading books. The children will use all  of these words in their daily reading and writing journals.