Homework Tips

  Please continue with homework each night. Reading with your child is so important to their education.
Each child has a homework folder that is sent home nightly. I recommend that you spend about 15-20 minutes each night on letters, sounds, number recognition, and sight words. The best gift that you can give your child is to read to them each night.  The children will begin bringing home easy readers books. Please read the book with your child. They will keep the same book all week. By Friday, they will be able to read the book by themselves. Reading the same book each night builds confidence in the children.
     For extra Literacy help, read library books, zip lock bag books, recipes as you cook dinner, the newspaper or magazines. Children love reading environmental print that they see at home, grocery store, or road signs. (cereal boxes, crackers, restaurants, Stop signs) For extra Math practice in counting, have your child count toys as they clean up or count the number of silverware and plates needed to set the table. Children should also be writing something about their book. (Favorite part).
          Please sign the Homework folder and return each day. Please leave letter sheets, sight words and book inside of folder. Mrs. Sams uses these lists for reviewing with children.
          It is a good idea to write letters and sight words on index cards. Children often memorize the sight word lists. 
      Practice writing letters and words in a pan of sand, salt or use Play Dough to form letters. A great activity is to count toys and blocks as your child cleans up his room.
          Thank you for all of your help with homework. It makes a big impact on your child's education.
 boy and girl reading