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Clifford's Games         

Clifford and friends have lots of interactive educational games that provides 

fun while learning.

Clifford's Letter Match

Look at the first letter in each word.  Drag it to the right box.

Clifford's Make a Word

Fill in the blanks with the vowels to make as many words as you can make!

Fuzzy Lion Ears

Lion picture

Lion shows you a picture and a partially-written word.   Choose from different letters to complete the word.

Meet the Gang

A fun rhyming words game.  Rhyming is a very important component of Balanced Literacy.  Learn while having fun!

Reggie Loves to Rhyme!

Find rhyming words with Reggie from


See -N- Spell

Use picture to spell out C-V-C words.  Then check for the right answer.

word blender    Word Blender

Blender gives a word.  Students choose beginning sound and ending sounds.  Blender will then checks your work.

Word Drop

Fill-in-the-blank with popcorn words to complete sentences.


Star Fall
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