Spelling Practice

spelling bee
Ways to Practice
1.  Write your spelling words three times each in your neatest handwriting.
2.  Write your spelling words once;  trace over the consonants in blue and then all of the vowels in red.
3.  Rainbow Write:  use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to write your spelling words.  Write once in one color, trace over in another.  Use at least three colors.
4.  Use gel pens, markers, chalk, anything fun to write with to write your spelling words.
5.  "Fancy" write your words.  Just be sure each word can be read!
6.  Use the computer to type your words.
7.  Fill a large plastic bag with shampoo (or something like it), seal it really well, and use your finger to write your words.
8.  Create a word search puzzle on www.puzzlemaker.com.  Print it and solve the puzzle.
9.   Write your spelling words in ABC order.
10.  Ransom Words:  Use the letters found in a magazine to write your words.  Cut them out and glue them on paper.
11.  Write the words on note cards (two cards for each word).  Play memory or Go Fish with a partner.  This would be a good game to review past words!
12.  Write a letter to a friend or a story using your words.  Be sure to underline your words.
13.  Have a Practice Spelling Test!
14.  Triangle Words:  example:  have
*using graph paper may help*