Team Members

2021-2022 school year

(members typically serve a two consecutive year term, administrators and Title I Reading Specialist serve continuously) 
Brian Chandler, Principal 
Lisa Rhodarmer, Title I Reading Specialist
Robin Paine, Assistant Principal and NCStar Process Manager
Lori McCourry, Instructional Coach

Sherri Farrell, Exceptional Children rep, elected 5/9/2019
Angela Shiflet, Second grade rep, elected 5/9/2019
Samantha Allen, Third grade rep, elected 5/9/2019
Amanda Reagan, Fourth grade rep, elected 5/9/2019

Nicole Adams, Teacher Assistant rep, elected 9/16/2021
Leah Davidson, School Counselor, elected 9/16/2021
Maggie Skroski, Fine Arts, elected 3/15/2021
Kathy Burnette, Kindergarten rep, elected 9/16/2021
Jen Campbell, First grade rep, elected 9/16/2021

Stacie Pederson, Parent rep, elected 5/7/2019
Gardner Bridges, Parent rep, elected 5/7/2019
Alice Murphy, Specialists rep, elected 8/26/2019