Parent Information Letter


West Buncombe Elementary Families,

We are excited to announce that West Buncombe is a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) school. The program is implemented school-wide and across all grade levels. PBIS is a system for improving student behavior. It is used: *with all students *across all environments in school (classroom, lunchroom, restroom, playground and hallways) *to help us to create a safe and effective learning environment

Implementing this system does not change our behavior expectations for students at school; We have developed a matrix that outlines these expectations in every area of the school. You will find the matrix on the other side of this letter. Please review it with your child and encourage them to always be a Soaring Eagle.

PBIS is a program that focuses on acknowledging positive student behaviors. We will continue giving out our Golden Eagle tickets to students that are being Soaring Eagles. Those tickets are turned in for a weekly drawing.  Every nine weeks those students who do not have a major behavior incident will enjoy a celebration with various special activities.    Our discipline process will look different. We have defined student behaviors as major behaviors and minor behaviors. When students exhibit major behaviors they will be sent to the office immediately. Major behaviors are defined as: Abusive language, physical aggression, overt defiance, property vandalism, disrupting class, harassment, bullying, weapons and stealing.   When a student exhibits a minor behavior, there is an order of steps they will go through. Minor behaviors are defined as: Inappropriate language, physical contact, non-compliance, property misuse, disturbing class, dishonesty or dress code violations. For a minor behavior the student will be warned first and then the teacher will take additional steps such as moving the student closer to the front or reviewing the school rules. If this does not work, the student will receive a minor referral. The PBIS team will then meet with the teacher to discuss interventions that can be put in place to help that student be successful. If a student receives 3 minors in a 9 week period it will become a major referral and that student will be taken to the office to meet with the principal.  

Thank you for your continued support of your student!