ABC Letter & Sounds


A a
Say /a/ as in hat, animal, answer, ask, apple, am and alligator.

B b
Say /b/ as in bat, boy, big, book, back, and brown.

C c
Say /c/ as in cat, car, call, carry, clean and cold.

D d
Say /d/ as in dot, down, day, different, drink and draw.

E e
Say /e/ as in bell, every, egg, empty, end and elephant.

F f
Say /f/ as in fat, family, fox, feet, fish, fruit and frog.

G g
Say /g/ as in got, good, girl, give, grow and great.

H h
Say /h/ as in hat, hand, help, her, him, and house.

I i
Say /i/ as in it, ill, insect, Indian and itch.

J j
Say /j/ as in just, jump and jungle.

K k
Say /k/ as in keep, kind, kiwi, kite and kitten.

L l
Say /l/ as in laugh, light, long, look and learn.

M m
Say /m/ as in mouse, mountain, men, miss, mile and mother.

N n
Say /n/ as in number, night, name, new, no and nine.

O o
Say /o/ as in off, often, otter, olive and octopus.

P p
Say /p/ as in paper, picture, please, play and pretty.

Q q
Say /q/ as in question, quick, queen, quack and quilt.

R r
Say /r/ as in river, run, right, read and red.

S s
Say /s/ as in sea, sing, state, stop and school.

T t
Say /t/ as in talk, time, try, two and tree.

U u
Say /u/ as in us, up, under, upon and umbrella.

V v
Say /v/ as in very, voice, vote, volleyball and vase.

W w
Say /w/ as in word, water, why, walk and watch.

X x
Say /x/ as in fox, six, mix and box.

Y y
Say /y/ as in you, year, young, yes and yellow.

Z z
Say /z/ as in zoo, zebra, zipper, zoom and zone.