May 21-27 Lesson for ALL: K-4

This week, again, 
ALL GRADES are assigned the same activities!

Firstplease click on the illustration below to listen to author Lisa Horstman read her own book:
The Great Smoky Mountain Salamander Ball

cover great smoky mountain salamander ball

please watch the video: Wild Inside the National Zoo: Salamander Sleuthing.

Third, click on the salamander picture below * to READ ABOUT a North Carolina salamander of your choice.   You can read the information yourself, or have someone at home read to you.  

imitator salamander

* from Amphibians and Reptiles of North Carolina
NCPartners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

 tell about 3 or more things that you learned about this salamander.  You can choose to do this by writing, typing, dictating, or making a video of yourself explaining your thoughts . Be sure to tell which salamander you selected.  If you want to,  you can draw your OWN picture of this salamander!

Share your work with me.  

If you have SeeSaw you can submit your work by hitting the globe to share it to your teacher, and then I'll get to see it too.
If you are in third or fourth grade, please submit your work to my email, as usual. 

One last fun thing, if you're interested...
watch the video below to learn about a HUGE North Carolina salamander called the Hellbender.