May 13-20: LESSON FOR ALL. K-4

SCIENCE OF SOUND     PART 2musical staff and notes

This week, again, 
ALL GRADES are assigned the same activity!
f you have a brother or sister, you can do this project TOGETHER.  
It is also fine if parents (or grandparents) or siblings join in!

Open this book and read or listen to it.  Also, watch the excellent videos that are linked on pages 4, 8 and 16 by clicking on the arrows in the center of the pages.


Choose one of the experiments from the videos below and try it out for yourself. The video will show you how to do the experiment.

Musical Jars Science

Seeing Sound

Cardboard and Rubber Band Instrument

Bash the trash Instrument

Share your work with me.  You can choose to do this by writing, typing, dictating, or making a video of yourself explaining your thoughts and doing the experiment.

If you have SeeSaw you can submit your work by hitting the globe to share it to your teacher, and then I'll get to see it too.
If you are in third or fourth grade, please submit your work to my email, as usual.