First Grade: March 23-31

child's hands with heart-shaped soilPebbles, Sand and Silt
Hello, West Buncombe Scientist First Grader!!!  I MISS YOU!!!

Last time we were together we were studying the properties of the hardness of rocks, and how we could classify rocks by color, size, shininess, texture and beauty! We compared how rocks looked dry and wet.  Now we're ready to study Pebbles, Sand and Silt in SOIL.  

Click on the link and explore SOIL.

(After clicking on "Open Lightbox" click on the first two pages of the book.  You will be able to play the text of the book as you go along.  Read the whole book.)

SOIL: Lightbox ebook

Next, besides listening to this book, I want you to go to some particular pages to watch videos and do activities.  

1-  Go to page 4 and 5 and play a video  from Soil Science Society of America: SOILS ARE LIVING by clicking on the blue video link above the book. 

After you watch the video, draw a picture/write in your iPad about something you think is important that you learned.  Email this to me.

2- Go to pages 12 and 13 and play the video  Champak SciQ: Soil Profile by clicking on the blue video link at the top of the page.   
After you watch the video, get a parent to help you gather materials, and then DO THE EXPERIMENT that you saw in this video.

If you can, please send me two photos of the bottle of water and soil that you made ...
a) right after you shake the bottle
b) after the soil and water settle in your bottle over night.

I will email you a reply back when I receive your work.  Thank you for working so hard.  Kiss your brain.
In the subject line please tell me your
name, grade and teacher. 
Like this: 
 Mack Smith, 1, Frizzle