Kindergarten: March 23-31

Earthworms !!!red worm in soil

Remember when you got to hold a redworm in science class? 

-  A worm is an animal.

-  It needs air.

-  It needs water.

-  It needs food.

-  It needs a place to live and grow.


1)     Watch this video!

Sci Show Kids: Worms are Wonderful

2)    Write down or type out three facts that you learned about worms from this video.  (You can have your parent write down or type what you say, or you can do it yourself.)

3)    Make your own scientific drawing of a worm.  You can just do a pencil drawing or do it in color.  You could even draw this in your iPad.


Send me a picture or a copy of your work through my email. 

4)    Sometime this week, go outside and dig in the soil to search for worms.  If you want to, you can take pictures of the worms using your iPad.   Send one of your pictures to my email!!

I will email you a reply back when I receive your work.  Thank you for working so hard.  Kiss your Brain.

Love,  Mrs. Evans
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