Stewart, Traci (Grade 2)

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West Buncombe Elementary

Mrs. Traci Stewart

Welcome to Mrs. Stewart's 
2nd Grade Classroom!!


I am happy to welcome you and your child to 2nd grade this year.  My name is Traci Stewart and I have been teaching in Buncombe County Schools since 1989. I attended West Buncombe as a child, attended Erwin Middle and graduated from Erwin High in 1984. I graduated from UNC-A with a bachelors in Psychology and North Carolina teaching license in K-6th grades.  I am married and have two children. We have two very spoiled dogs that live at our house also!!



We have many great things to learn this year and I want it to be a happy and exciting one for your child!

I will be communicating with you on a weekly basis.  Every Monday, I will send home the next week's homework assignment sheet filled with all of the important news from our class.

       On Friday's you will receive a brown envelope with all of your child's work from that week.  You will sign and return empty on Monday!! 

 I will communicate through that and I will note on the front of that envelope, if there is a special note to you enclosed.


I have "predictable homework" that comes home on Monday and you will have all that you need to know for the week.  Homework is a review of skills already taught in class.  If there is ever anything that you question or feel that your child could use review on, please let us know by circling the item.  We use each morning as a mini tutoring session with our classroom assistant, to ensure understanding of all the skills.



This year we will be doing report cards every 9 weeks.  Your child will be graded on a RUBRIC of 1-4.  This is the same as first grade and is explained on the report card.



We have a short snack each day, so please plan on sending something that is quick and healthy.  I also allow the kids to keep a water bottle on their desks.  They can refill it each day at the water fountain and then we take them home on the weekend for a cleaning.  They can also use disposable water bottles each day.



I love to have parents volunteer in my classroom or for the classroom, if you can't come to school.  Just let me know when you will be coming and I will get some things together for you.

We have some great field trips every year and I would love for parents and grandparents to attend.  Please be sure that you have completed VOLUNTEER TRACKER before attending these events.

There are some fabulous websites that you can use at home to enhance and reinforce your child's skill level.  They are listed below. This website is a little confusing but if you go to your child's grade level and link to interactive skills, there are great learning games for all grade levels.  This is a site connected to the Weekly Reader magazine used in classrooms for years.  It has fun activities that are connected to current events.  The US Mint sponsors this website and is filled with lots of fun learning activities that include history lessons about the money that we use.  Funbrain is filled with lots and lots of fun skills games.  There are lots of just games on here also, so you might want to add certain ones to your favorites if you are looking for educational materials.  Lots of videos from the PBS shows as well as games and skills.  Lots of fun even for your little ones at home. -Lots of activities for all grades and ages.

IMAGINE LEARNING-Part of our school's phonics program...


We study lots of exciting material in 2nd grade.


I am sure that your child will enjoy this year's curriculum.


I am looking forward to a wonderful and memorable year with you and your child.


Mrs. Stewart