Grade 3

Welcome to 3rd Grade Music!

Welcome to Music at  West Buncombe!

Part of the beauty of music education is that we are able to do a great deal of our learning through play. 

Play is a skill that children not only love, but benefit from in so many ways that foster their academic and motor development, social skills, and allows them to best relate to and understand their world.

Our 3rd and 4th graders also have the benefit of beginning to play ensemble pieces where they practice their music reading skills, teamwork, and more advanced fine and gross motor skills!

In conjunction with our State and National Music Standards and 21st century technology skills, music reaches us where we are and is able to bridge and span across academic, social, and cultural subjects. I am a passionate life-long learner, and love to dive into where our songs and music come from, why, and how it all relates to us today.

I look forward to playing xylophones, auxiliary percussion, recorder, ukulele, singing, learning about the world's music and - of course - playing with your child!