Grade 2

Welcome to 2nd Grade Music!

Students access their Music Lessons in SEESAW through "CLEVER"

1. Go to clever

2. Tap "SeeSaw"

3. In the upper LEFT corner, there is a grey box with their name - tap it!

4. From the list of classes, choose "MUSIC"

5. Lessons will be posted here!
- we will zoom on their class's music day at 9:10
- then students will watch a lesson video
- last, they will complete a short assignment

Feel free to send me a message via SeeSaw if you need anything!


PARTICIPATE! Join the zoom meetings, watch the videos and sing along, and complete assignments!

LISTEN! Listen to lots of music, and lots of different genres of music!

SING! Any song, any style, any reason! Just sing!

DANCE! Feel the steady beat, the speed, the dynamics (loud and soft) and move with what you hear!

HAVE FUN! Music is one of our greatest forms of expression - enjoy it!