ABC's of Room 111

The ABC's of Room 111!

Posted by Kristy Dodd at 6/14/2018

Aa- Attendance is very important.  Please send a note to school with each absence.

Bb- Breakfast is FREE!!! Children need to be at school by 7:30 to eat.

Buses dismiss at 2:35.

Cc-Please send in a extra set of Clothes in a large zip lock bag. We will change out clothes as the weather changes.

Car Riders will be picked up in the car rider line at the back entrance.

Dd- A Discipline sheet will be sent home each day. Please review with your child, sign and send to school the next day. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the discipline sheet and I will respond that day.

Ee-My Email:

Ff-Students will bring home a Friday Folder with their completed work for the week. Remove the items and return folder on Monday.

 Gg- We will have a GREAT year this year!

Hh- Homework is in the folders Monday-Thursday.Please review letters, sounds, sight words and read with your child each night.Sign the folder and return the next day in the book bag. Homework should not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Ii-We will work to make sure all of your childs IEP goals will be met this school year.  We will also have an IEP meeting this school year to make new goals and to show progress made.

Jj- We look forward to Jumping into this school year and learning new things each day!

Kk- Knowledge is the key.  It is important that you are aware of your childs schedule so that they are prepared for things each day.

Ll- Lunch is at 11:30. We will send home a lunch menu each month.

Mm-  Please put any Money for snack, lunch, book order, or field trips inside your childs homework folder. Please send a note where the money should be applied.

Nn- Please Notify us if you have a change in your contact information.  It is important that we are able to contact you throughout the school day in case of an emergency.

Oo- Our students are the best students at West Buncombe Elementary School!

Pp-We have PE in the gym with Mrs. Swain. Please wear Tennis Shoes.

Qq- We have Quite a fantastic group of teachers here in room 111. Stop by and meet us soon!

Rr-We have Recess each day at 12:30 please wear appropriate shoes. Flip flops should be avoided. Children will need a jacket for this fall and warm coats this winter. The students will go out each day.

Ss- Snack is provided daily.  Each week a student will be assigned to bring snack for that week.  Please check your child's newsletter and calendar for when your child is to bring snack.  Children may have water bottles. Juice boxes and snack drinks should not be sent. Bottles with lids only please.

Tt- If your child is Tardy for school, please walk them into the office and sign in.

Uu- Your child is Unique and very special.

Vv-  It is Very important that you look in your childs homework folder each night.  I will be sending home items such as IEP invites, field trip forms, and other important information you will need.

Ww- Please check with WLOS 13 or the Buncombe County Website for weather alerts in the event of SNOW or other delays we may encounter.

Xx- We are eXcited to get to know your child and spend time with them daily teaching and learning with them!

Yy- YOU are an important key to your child's success in school.  Take time to read with your child every night.

Zz- We are ZEALOUS about learning in Room 111!  You are welcome to stop by anytime and join in on the fun!