How Our Room Works

lunch  bag

            Each day your child will have a snack time.  You will be responsible for providing your child’s healthy snack each day.  Please make sure the snack you send is sensible and healthy.  No sodas will be allowed.  Remember, to send only one item plus a  water bottle for snack each day.  When children are sent multiple snacks to choose from most of the food ends up in the trash. 

            Any money sent for lunch needs to be sent in an envelope with your child’s full name and LUNCH written on it.  Please see the school’s handbook or website for more information about lunch procedures and prices.

            Medication forms are available in the office and MUST be signed and returned before your child can receive any medication.  Please see the handbook for details.



Please remember that if your child will be leaving school in a different way on a certain day, you will need to send a note with him/her that day.  Please make sure the note is in the folder to ensure that it does not get lost.  Any notes that you need us to see can be paper clipped or written in the folder.  I will check folders first thing every morning to look for notes or transportation changes.    

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