Welcome to Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Dear Parents,

I want to welcome you and your child to room 301!  I look forward to working with your family.  

My name is Michelle Ramsey.  I am excited to begin another wonderful year of teaching at West Buncombe Elementary School!  This will be my twenty-first year of teaching.  I taught in second grade for twelve years and this is my ninth year in third grade.  I received my Bachelor of Arts and K-6 Licensure from Mars Hill College and earned my Master’s of Education degree through Montreat College.  I married my best friend, Brian, and we have 2 daughters and a son (Whitney; age 21, Tanner; age 17 and Averie; age 11).  I enjoy watching and playing sports.  Go Tennessee!  Go Wolfpack!  I also love traveling, camping, church activities, and spending time with family and friends.  

Daily Activities

Your child will be attending enrichment classes throughout the week.  Below you will find a schedule of the activities and the days your child will be participating in these classes:

Monday – P.E./Art

Tuesday – STEM

Wednesday – Media/Music

Thursday – no specials

Friday – Tech Lab

*Our class will be eating lunch at 11:55.  Please feel free to come and enjoy lunch with your child whenever you are available! You may send in money or prepay online. The daily cost is $2.45.  

We will have a snack daily.  Please make sure your child packs one each day.  (I always welcome extra snacks—just in case someone forgets!)  We love to celebrate birthdays so feel free to send in special snacks for your child’s special day. We usually have the birthday treats in the lunchroom after we finish our lunch.  As of today, we have 18 children in our classroom.  Your child is also encouraged to bring a water bottle to keep on his/her desk each day.      


We are Soaring Eagles at West Buncombe.  Students are reminded on a daily basis to SOAR (be Safe, Optimistic, Accountable, and Respectful).   As you know, life is full of choices.  Students will have daily choices to make…choices concerning assignments, behaviors and friendships.  Hopefully, students will make many positive choices, but be assured that your child will probably make a few negative choices also.  I feel it is very important for us to remain in contact concerning your child’s behavior.  Please remember he/she is a child and we expect him/her to act like one.  Therefore, do NOT set the expectation of a “perfect record” with your child.  However, if your child is getting in trouble daily, we may need to talk!  You will be notified if rules are severely and/or frequently broken.

We are very busy in third grade; therefore I rarely have to deal with misbehavior in the classroom. Behavior which may be “out of hand” will be dealt with accordingly.  Misbehavior may result in thinking time away from the group, apologies, verbal or written explanations, service to the classroom or school and minor or major referrals. Wise choices may lead to happy hearts, choice time, homework passes, treats, sit with a friend for a day, and lots more!

I will use a ticket system in which students will receive Soaring Eagle tickets for exhibiting wise choices or lose tickets for unwise choices.  These tickets can be exchanged for prizes during the PBIS Celebration at the end of each nine weeks. If your child receives three minor referrals or one major referral during the nine weeks, he/she will not be allowed to attend the celebration. A conduct grade will be given on your child’s Friday Folder each week.  Your child’s Friday Folder will also include work from the week.  Please look over your child’s work, sign and return the folder on Monday.         

Homework Folders

      Reading logs will be sent home on Monday and should be returned to school daily.  Your child should read orally at least 20 minutes each evening to an adult.  It is very important for you to listen as your child reads and ask questions as he/she is reading to ensure understanding.  Reading stamina is very important in third grade as we prepare your child for the Reading EOG at the end of the year.  You can help your child increase his/her stamina by increasing the amount of time that he/she reads at home throughout the year.  Most third graders love to read silently, especially as they begin to read chapter books and more challenging text.  I encourage you to allow your child to read silently, but please listen to him/her read aloud nightly also. Your child will also have a weekly fluency piece to practice at home each night. The fluency piece also needs to be read aloud, initialed and sent back daily.  Your child will receive a weekly homework grade that will be recorded in the grade book.

Below is the 10-point scale your child will be graded on this year.

New Grading Scale  

90 - 100 = A

80 - 89 = B

70 - 79 = C

60 - 69 =D

< 59 =F

Any unfinished classroom assignment must be completed for homework and returned the next day. Your child will also be asked to study math facts at certain times throughout the year.  Multiplication facts must be memorized this year, so it is never too early to begin working on them.  



I want your child to continue to love learning.  We will strive to have a community of fairness, respect, and personal relationships.  I am looking forward to letting the children have ownership in this classroom.  They will achieve this by helping me make decisions on a daily basis.  I am here not only for the children, but you as well.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My email address is michelle.ramsey@bcsemail.org.  You may also call the school and leave a message at 232-4282.  I will return your call as soon as possible. One way I communicate with parents is through the REMIND app. I will send important updates and information throughout the school year. Let me know if you have questions about how to sign up.  


In addition to the list of school supplies, I will also be collecting $7.00 for your child’s field trip t-shirt.  Please send in money and form as soon as possible.  


Michelle Ramsey