PBIS Matrix










Move carefully.

Stay in assigned areas.

Play safely.

Walk at all times.

Keep the noise level down.

Remain seated with feet under the table.

Walk on the right side of the hall .

Use a quiet voice.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Create a line and take turns.

Use bathroom properly.

Wash hands.

Stay seated and facing forward.

Use a quiet voice.

Walk to your location.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.   

Stay seated.


Take pride in your work.

Believe in yourself.

Be a friend to everyone.

Have fun.

Be a good example to others.

Encourage others.  

Set a good example.

Set a good example.

Be a friend to everyone.


Be a great friend.


Produce quality work.

Be prepared.

Use equipment appropriately.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Keep track of belongings.

Go through the line once.

Use good manners.

Clean your space and leave no trace.

Stay with your group.

Walk directly to your destination.

Use the bathroom quickly and return to class.

Use quiet voices.

Keep track of belongings.

Listen to the bus driver.

Watch for your destination.

Keep track of belongings.

Listen to adults.


Respect the ideas of others.

Work as a team.

Follow directions.

Enter and exit building quietly.

Keep the playground clean.

Listen to the adults.

Use polite words.

Admire student work with your eyes only.

Keep personal space.

Keep bathrooms clean.

Respect privacy (yours and others).

Keep the bus clean.

Use your manners.

Use kind words.

Use your manners.