Third/Fourth Grade Virtual Assignments

Third Graders
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Second Step 3rd Grade Lessons (Review)

Wednesday, May 20th
Hello boys and girls! I miss you all so much!
As we head into summer, I have 3 questions I would like you to think about. You can record a video, email me (, comment below...I would love to hear from you. I hope you have a safe, exciting, FUN summer and I can't wait to see you again!
The questions from my video are:
1. One thing you are PROUD OF that you have learned or done this school year
2. One thing you are EXCITED about for next school year!
3. One thing you are nervous about or have a question about for next year
Watch This Video
Love you all,
Mrs. Hastings

Wednesday, May 13th
Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well. I miss you!! 
We have talked quite a bit this
year about jobs and careers, and learned a lot through our lessons and career day. For this lesson, I would like you to visit VJS Junior, a website we have used before. You can find it by going to Clever, then clicking VJS Junior (the icon is a little green person with a white play button on its face). I would like you to look around in "Career Central" or work in one of the "Career Cluster" areas. There are lots of great videos to watch and facts to read about, about all different careers. Please do not spend more than 30 minutes on this! I just want you to look around and learn about some new careers that might interest you.
Once you are finished looking, email me with ONE JOB that sounds interesting to you, and tell me ONE REASON why you like it! I LOVE reading your comments and your submissions. Please keep them coming :) My email is

Wednesday, April 29th

Hi everyone! My "assistant," my daughter Addy, helped me with this video! For this assignment, we would like you to REALLY notice and appreciate the things around you. This is a great activity for when you feel overwhelmed or anxious and want to feel calm and focused. Check out our video for instructions (sorry it cut us off at the end!) and then check out the 5,4,3,2,1 visual to help you as you notice the things around you. Please comment, take a picture or a video and let us know some of the things YOU noticed!
5,4,3,2,1 Video
5,4,3,2,1 Visual

Wednesday, April 15th
Welcome back from spring break! I hope you all had a great break from school! We have talked about empathy this year - feeling and understanding how someone else feels. When we have empathy, it helps us to treat others kindly and with respect. Please click the link below to watch a video I made and let me know what YOU would do if you were the boy in the story. Would you squish the ant?!
Hey, Little Ant Video

Wednesday, April 1st
Hey everyone! Wow, it is hard to believe it is April already. I miss all of you so much. Please watch the video I made below about some ideas to help with STRESS, a strong feeling we all feel sometimes. I would like you to think about what helps you feel calmer when you are stressed. I can't wait to hear about your ideas!
Stress Video

Wednesday, March 18th
Hello West Buncombe third graders!

I miss you all and hope you are having some fun being at home. For this first week, I am posting something for you to think about. We have talked about treating people with kindness and compassion and "filling a bucket" - doing/saying things that don't cost any money or take much time. During this time of change where everything seems a little strange, I would like you to focus on doing (or saying) 3 things to fill someone's bucket. You can find some ideas here or think of your own ideas! Some examples someone a compliment, helping your brother or sister with something, doing a chore without being asked, having patience, holding the door for someone...the list goes on and on!

Fourth Graders
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MAY 18th - JUNE 3rd :
Summer is approaching and I want you to have so much fun, but above all, I want you to stay safe and always think before you do something. This is a link for some helpful tips for summer.

I will not say "goodbye" to you because it is too hard for me, but I know every single one of you will be in my heart forever! I want you to know that I am always here for you and I am so very proud of what you have accomplished at WBES. I will be watching and listening for your names throughout your school careers, whether that be on an academic achievement, school sports team, through the band, and any other way that I know you will represent your schools very well! Stay connected in school with your teachers and friends and always remember your roots and your ability to SOAR!

MAY 1st - MAY 15th:  Let's talk 5th grade!!   No stress...I just want to continue our conversation about next year.  In class, we have had several discussions about next year, and while some of you may not be attending Eblen Intermediate School, I think the majority of you are.  I am in contact often with Mrs. Gallagher (she's awesome) and Mrs. Kinnard (she's awesome) and these two ladies will be your School Counselors at Eblen.   For this Classroom Guidance assignment, I want you to email me, or on Google Classroom simply respond with ANY question you have about the school and I will find these answers out for you and respond.  Since we will not be able to do our guided tour I told you guys about, I want to help ease some worry and wonder and get your questions answered.  I will respond to you when I receive the answer to your question(s).  It may be helpful for me to create a document with all questions and answers and send to you all.  I bet you have some of the same ideas/questions because great minds think alike!!

APRIL 16th - APRIL 30th : Let's talk about bullies...and bullying behaviors.  A recent study shows that 1 out of 3 young people have been bullied by a friend.  Yes, a friend!  Sometimes you think if a friend is doing it, it must be "OK".  If you don't deal with bullying, it can make you 1) Nervous 2) Perform less at school 3)Dread going to school 4) Not sleep 5) Stop engaging in fun activities you once loved and many others.  If you have not experienced personal bullying, you have witnessed it already in your years of school.  I want you to be prepared for 5th grade and have a strong plan to deal with bullying behaviors.  You can always reach out to me, even though you will be gone, and/or your 5th grade school counselor, parents, close teachers, and friends who give good advice.  Bullying is NOT your fault, you must deal with it, and you must remember the characteristics of being a good friend and characteristics that show you when a "friend" is being more like a "bully".  
Draw a picture of a heart on a piece of paper.  draw a circle around the heart.  Then, draw another circle around the first circle. Draw a third circle around the circles (it should look like a bull's eye with a heart in the middle).  Closest to the heart in the space, write your best, closest friends that you have.  This could be one or more than 10.  In the next space, write some friends you have that are not that close but still ones you consider friends.  Then, in the most outer space, write people who you are in classes with or around, but do not consider your friends.  Only for your eyes and thoughts, think about what your closest people have that make you like them and then for the ones furthest away from the heart, think about those characteristics that make you keep your distance.  

APRIL 1st - APRIL 15th :  1)  Write to me 1 Sunshine and 1 Cloud that you are dealing with (sunshine being happy/positive and cloud being something that is bothering, stressful,
or tricky)
2) . It is okay to say no to others, and it is okay for them to say no to you. Negative emotions like guilt and remorse can be reasons not to go along with peer pressure.
**Watch this video on this website:   It includes the STEPS to problem solving.    Demonstrate using assertiveness skills to resist peer pressure .  Demonstrate using the Problem-Solving Steps to figure out ways to resist peer pressure.  Write a response to be of what you've learned to me.  

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Guide - From the
NASP Online

Social Story about COVID 19

March 18-March 31st week:  Go to this website link and watch the adult explain the Hand/Brain Model (you should remember this from class). Then, watch the video of the students below that video explaining the same thing. Notice the calm jar (like the one I have in my classroom!) . 
Link:  Assignment: 1)Tell me which one do you understand better. 2) List two ways in which you calm down when you have strong feelings.

Keep your workspace the same when you are at home. Do not try to do your homework in front of the television or busy areas in your home. Find a quiet, alone spot so you can do your best and really focus. This is part of being a good student and future employee!