Second Grade Virtual Assignments

Hi 2nd Graders!!!!  This is Mrs. Davidson.  I miss you and hope you are having a great day!  We have been working on Careers and College Readiness this month in classroom guidance, so I want you to continue this journey.  You are the class of 2030!  Below are a few fun assignments for you to do.  No stress!!  


MAY 18th - JUNE 3rd 

Summer is approaching and I want you to have so much fun, but above all, I want you to stay safe and always think before you do something. This is a link for some helpful tips for summer.
I am not going to say "good-bye" but I am going to say "Have a great summer!  I'll see you next year!"  You and your family can always contact me if you need me over the summer.  The office staff will give you my number and it is on my main webpage as well.  Please, please be safe and have fun!  I will see you next year!

MAY 1st - MAY 15th Go outside! (Let a grown up know and ask for permission first!)

uilds confidence; Promotes Creativity and Imagination; Teaches responsibility; Provides different stimulation (uses your eyes, ears, smells, touch, and taste even); Gets you moving; Makes you think; Reduces stress and fatigue

Find Something In Nature that is like you.  Use your imagination and write it down or in your journal we have been talking about.  I don't want to give you too many examples but here are a few:   "I am like a tree because I am tall and strong"; "I am like grass, because when people cut me down I keep growing".  "I am like a rock, because I am tough". "I am like a butterfly because I am very sensitive".   Think creatively and remember this positive quality about yourself!  

APRIL 16th - APRIL 30th 
Let's talk bullies!  Watch this video
1 out of 3 young people have been bullied by a friend. Yes, a friend!
If you don't deal with bullying, it can make you 1) Nervous 2) Perform less at school 3)Dread going to school 4) Not sleep 5) Stop fun activities you once loved and many other problems
You can always reach out to me, other counselors, parents, close teachers, and friends who give good advice.
Bullying is NOT your fault, you must deal with it, and you must remember the difference in being a good friend and "bully".

Draw a picture of a heart on a piece of paper. draw a circle around the heart. In the space, write your best, closest friends that you have.  Only for your eyes and thoughts, think about what your closest people have that make you like them and then think of someone you would write away from the heart, and think about those character traits that make you keep your distance.

APRIL 1st- APRIL 15th 
***Go to and put in this class code :  7f632a84 to complete the assignment "Compassion Project" . 

MARCH 18th-MARCH 31st
***Go to   Explore the Jobland.  Only spend about 20 minutes on this assignment.  Do a "Quiz" and solve a puzzle.  I know you can do it!  Be thinking about what you want to be when you grow up.  Imagine yourself as the professional you want to be and think about what you are doing right now to prepare for that. 

***Keep your workspace the same when you are at home.  Do not try to do your homework in front of the television or busy areas in your home.  Find a quiet, alone spot so you can do your best and really focus.  This is part of being a good student and future employee.  
***Wash your hands (and sing while washing).

***Brain Break :

***Create a journal of your experiences over the next few weeks.  Be creative, and use what you have at your house.  Journaling can be fun, relieve stress, and help to show you how much you grow from week to week!  Write and draw memories you are making and how you are feeling.  Share these with me, if you want, when you return to school!  

 I am so proud of you for following your schedules sent home with you by your teachers!  Following it makes you a good student and prepares you for the work you will be doing when we return and when you have a career one day!