Kindergarten Virtual Assignments

Hi Kindergarteners!  This is your School Counselor, Mrs. Davidson . I miss you and I will see you soon!


MAY 18th - JUNE 3rd :
Summer is approaching and I want you to have so much fun, but above all, I want you to stay safe and always think before you do something. This is a link for some helpful tips for summer.
I am not going to say "good-bye" but I will say "Have a great summer and see you next year!"  I am available for you and your family any time this summer.  My number is on my website along with my email.  I am so proud of you and I know you are going to SOAR next year!

APRIL 30th- MAY 15th 
Let's play Simon Says
Remember my friends, when you are doing school work at home, follow directions from your teachers and listen to your parents!  This shows everyone that you are a good student and ready to be a 1st grader!  
Watch my friend Howard B. Wigglebottom learn to listen!      How is Howard different at the beginning of the story and at the end of the story?

APRIL 15th - 29th 
Let's play the freeze dance game
Let's talk feelings!  We have talked before in class about how we can have mixed feelings and more than one feeling at the same time.  Watch my friend, Murray and play the game "Name that Feeling"
Draw a picture of a cup and color your cup with the colors of different emotions you have.  Red= Anger/Frustration  Orange= Surprised  Yellow= Happy   Pink= Silly   Blue= Sad/unhappy   Brown= Nervous/Worried  Green= Hopeful

APRIL 1-14th 
Do you want to go on a bear hunt with me? 
Click here:

Explore this career website.  We have been talking about Community Helpers this month and I know most of you already know what you want to be when you grow up!  Have a grown-up or older brother or sister help you play some games on this really fun website.  Tell Paws I said, "Hello!"
Click here:    
A new one for you to explore 
Click here:

MARCH 18th - 31st

I am available for you and your student at any time to help with this transition and to help with any academic and personal things that you need.  Please let your student know that I love them and miss them terribly!  Below I have a few websites that I hope you find helpful.  We are in this together!
Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Guide - From the
NASP Online

Social Story about COVID 19
Copy this link into your browser and adapt as needed with your child.  Even if our children seem "ok", they may have questions and/or fears that we can ease with giving as much information (on their level) as we know to help them process.  You are their trusted adults and how you portray this time is how they will react as well!