How to access books from home


Practice makes perfect!

Here are some FREE & FUN ways to keep growing as a reader!

How to Put a Hold on a Book from our WBES Library for Pick-up

Computer Directions (also work on tablets & phones):

Watch Ms. Skroski’s video (Skroski Accessing Books.mp4)

and/or follow these steps:

  • West Buncombe Elementary School Website FOLLETT DESTINY
  • Academics
  • Media Center
  • Library Card Catalog
  • Picture of Card Catalog
  • West Buncombe Elementary
  • Catalog
  • Destiny Discover
  • Once you see your name, choose “Catalog” and “Destiny Discover” will open.
  • Search in the Search Bar or go to Topics
  • Check to see if the book is available (green not red)
  • Place your holds by noon on Wednesdays
  • Pick up your books at WBES on WEDNESDAYS, 2:00 - 3:30 or if that is impossible for your family, call when you’re at the school (M-F between 7:30 and 3:30) and we’ll bring them out to you

    How to Access FREE eBooks: Follett Destiny

  • To browse ebook collection, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “see all” ebooks.

    Or, search for “lightbox” or “interactive multimedia” in the search box at the top to access our interactive ebooks.

  • Remember that Destiny Discover shows users ALL the printed books in the library too, not just ebooks.
  • At this point:
    • You can “open” the book to decide if you want to check it out or not.
    • You can “check out” a book, which means that it is yours until the checkout period ends.
    • You can “return” book if you finish it early or it will automatically return when checkout ends.
    • Inside the text, you can highlight and make notes by clicking on a section of text.You can change the text size and other display options by clicking on the “Aa” at the top of the screen.
    • If you have the book checked out, it will save your notes and save your place automatically.You can read offline by going to the menu button on top left and choosing “offline access.”

    How to Access FREE Book Read-Alouds

    There are lots of great book read-alouds you can access online. Here are some of the better free sites I have found. Keep in mind that URLs are constantly changing, so my apologies if any stop working.

    FREE eBooks: Sora

  • Log into IAM Dashboard at and choose “Clever.” Video Directions here
  • Choose “Sora by Overdrive.” The picture is the same as the one above.
  • Choose “Sign in Using Buncombe County Schools” (green bar).
  • Click on “Find a Book” or “Explore” and look for a book you would love to read.
  • Choose “Borrow” to open the book immediately or “Add to list” to save it for later.

    How to Access FREE eBooks and do research: NC Wise Owl

    Computer/Tablet Directions:

  • Log into IAM Dashboard at and choose “Clever.”
  • Choose “NC Wise Owl.” The picture is the same as the one above.
  • If you are at school, you will not have to log in.If you are not at school, the password is wiseowl20.
  • Click on “Elementary.” Choose “K-8 eBooks” (see above). You can search or browse collections.
  • Click on a book you are interested in.You can read the “PDF” version online.
  • If you want offline access to the book, you will have to download it:
    • It will prompt you: Please sign in to your My EBSCOhost account to check availability and download.
    • Choose “create new account.”Use your BCS email to create this account.
    • Follow the prompts to create account, download the book, and get reading! 

How to Access FREE eBooks:
       Public Library/Overdrive

  • Your NCEdCloud/IAM number will give you access to public library books as well.
  • A public library card gives you access to free ebooks via Overdrive or the Libby app.Overdrive can be used with a computer, a tablet or ereader (like a Kindle or Nook). You can also link to the public library books in the Sora app you already found in Clever (click on the 3-bar menu in top right of Sora, choose “Add a public library” and follow the prompts). Once you set this up, you can flip back and forth between the 2 collections.

NC Kids Digital Library

There is a new NC Kids Digital Library available to all public library card holders. The e-books available in this collection are specifically chosen for students K-4th grade. The collection also includes audiobooks, videos and read-alongs.

Access the NC Kids Digital Library at You can sign in using your NCEdCloud/IAM number. Your password is the last 4 digits of your number.


Credit: Karen Yutzy