Grades K, 1 & 2 Virtual Lessons

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K, 1 & 2 Media Center Lessons

dot dude reading

         My #1 Goal for ALL students     

           is to keep them reading! 

Media Center Lessons and Resources

You do not need to turn anything in, but you are welcome to share any work your child does with me.  I would love to hear from students and see their work.  And, I will send a note back to them!  My email is:

* These assignments are developed to give you tools and ideas to keep your child reading. Please feel free to modify assignments for your child as you see fit.

>>Click the Red Lesson Links below to get Media Center lessons.  We are currently preparing to Enjoy Summer! <<

Summer Ideas - 
Ideas for summer. Have a great one!

Final Project -
Students will create and put on a Puppet Show retelling a short story for our final Media Center project.  Upload to Seesaw Journal by Wednesday, May 27th. 

Lesson #5 -
Check out the list of resources and activities.  Choose one you would enjoy doing.  Nothing to turn in. 

Lesson #4 
- This lesson is about fables.  Mrs. Reble retells "The Lion and the Mouse" with the help of some friends. Students will be able to talk about what they think the lesson of the story is. 

Lesson #3 - Reading should be FUN!!  This week let your child make all the decisions on what to read for library time. No comprehension questions, no stress! Click "Lesson #3" for the poster of options. 
        For children who are not yet reading fluently or independently,  encourage them to tell the story to themselves as they look at the pictures. Or, choose a book off of that they can follow along as it is read to them. See Lesson #1 for instructions on how to access EPIC.

K-2 Choice Menu: Screen Break Ideas - Optional Resource - Here is a list of Screen Break Ideas for your children. 

Lesson #2
 - Mo Willems Lunch Doodles with the Kennedy Center Day 1.

Lesson #1 
 - Investigate on-line ebooks.  Read together and discuss.