Free Resources

Click the Direct Links for FREE access these TumbleBook Libraries.
No Username or Password is needed. 

 - K-6 children's ebook database
Direct Link: 

TumbleMath - K-6 math ebook database
Direct Link:  

AudioBookCloud - This site is an audio book database for kids to adults, however the direct link below provides direct access to the children's section.
Direct Link:  

For those of you with Teenagers:
TeenBookCloud - gr 7-12 ebook database
Direct Link:  

Also Free right now are Lightbox Ebooks!  These are a wonderful nonfiction resource for our 3rd grade and up. They will read the text aloud and have videos, weblinks, and activities embedded in them. 

Directions for accessing Lighbox Ebooks:
1. Go to:
2. In School field, enter Follett eLearning, McHenry, IL.
3. The Location field will populate with Any Location. Leave that.
4. Click Go.
5. Click Login on the top Right.
6. Enter guest in the Username field.
7. Enter follett in the Password field.
8. Press Enter.